Friday, January 15, 2010

Haiti Needs Our Help, Should We Send Our Military?

We have a rather stark choice here, one which we can make with humanity, grace, and wisdom, or with the casual banality of evil ignorance.

Haiti was a poor, impoverished state, barely hanging on before the earthquake. Now, it is on the knife edge of becoming a "failed state". "Failed state", that should ring some alarm bells. Afghanistan, that's a "failed state". Do we want an Afghanistan just south of our borders?

Haiti is our neighbor, one which needs our help. One which is our friend, an ally. How can we, this professed nation of "God fearing Christians", not extend a generous helping hand? Is it not best to defend our own freedom by offering the hand of friendship to those in need? Cannot our military, those who are our so often called to defend our nation, be our ambassadors of friendship, good will, and aid?

The other option is dark - ignore this natural disaster and let a country teetering on the edge, fall off, into chaos.

America did not become a world leader by throwing our military around like a great club. We did not have large standing armies for WWI or WWII. We, instead, were pulled unwillingly into defending free nations fighting evil and darkness. Let's reaffirm that tradition by sending our military to fight the evil of disaster, hurt, and hunger, and in so doing, provide aid for those in need, and prevent the spread of chaos and darkness.

Is this so hard to see?

So often our military gets to deal with the shit in this world. Send them in - let them be the heros we know they are.

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