Monday, January 25, 2010

Cash For Democratic/Republican Clunkers!

A new exciting program is being readied for you by your Federal government!

Last year, the Cash for Clunkers program provided exceptional return on investment. We've spent tens of trillions of dollars on Wall St banks only to see excessive bonuses for the people who crashed the world's economy, but spending just $3 billion on Cash for Clunkers provided a over half of the GDP increase from the stimulus.

Well, with such excellent return on investment, and in accordance with the recent SCOTUS ruling, the Federal government will be announcing the Cash for Democratic/Republican Clunkers program!

This program will allow us, the real and imaginary corporate people of the United States to purchase our own brand, spanking new Senator or House member, and get rid of some real clunkers!

These Democratic/Republican Clunkers have to go now! These are all dangerously out of date, unsafe at any speed, and polluting! Heck, half of them actually have recently, due to their own action, or lack there of, been classified as the party of NO, or Not Operational.

It's just a crying shame that these perfectly useful Senate and House positions which can be used to help run the country, and ensure the life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness of the American people, both real and imaginary, have been abandon, overrun by weeds, and are in such general disrepair that these are now lowering the property values of all of Congress!

So examine your budget, and come prepared to help us get rid of these Democratic/Republican Clunkers! Contact your preferred organization and learn how you can donate and participate in buying a couple of Senators and House members you can call your very own!

What Do I Have To Do, To Get You To Do This Deal TODAY?

I'm calling my preferred Democratic/Republican organization RIGHT NOW!
0% 0 votes
Well, I'm On a Tight Budget - But It's Tempting
0% 0 votes
I'm In the Market, But Have to Be Sure My Money Purchases A Real Progressive!
0% 0 votes
Darn, I Spent All My Money On Booze, Cigs, and Ammo!
16% 1 votes
I'm In, But Only Because The Little League Team I Sponsor Isn't Playing This Year
0% 0 votes
I Represent A Foreign Imaginary Corporate Person, And We'll Take Ten!
16% 1 votes
Do You Take Gold Bars, or Coffee Cans Full of Unmarked Bills?
16% 1 votes
I'm Holding Out For the Cash For Blue Dog Clunkers!
0% 0 votes
Sorry, I Just Bought One, But Came For The Free Toaster.
0% 0 votes
I'm In, But Only If They Install Luxury Owner's Boxes In the Viewing Gallery!
0% 0 votes
Does This Come With All The Required Batteries?
0% 0 votes
Is This A Tax Write off?
16% 1 votes
Can I Get This With Pie?
16% 1 votes
Sorry, I'm Just Here To Get My Democratic Clunker Tuned Up!
16% 1 votes
Can I Get This One In a Nice Dark Blue?
0% 0 votes

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Ubuntu Upgrade From 9.04 To 9.10, Oops...

So I had been putting off upgrading from Ubuntu 9.04 to 9.10. I did this because the Ubuntu 9.10 CD I had downloaded was not able to live boot on my PC. Now, my PC's getting pretty long in the tooth, so I just figured it was a problem related to the age of my PC, and that I'd do a bit of investigation into potential problems prior to performing the upgrade. Well, I never did much of that and ended up doing the upgrade anyways. Oops...

So I started the network upgrade from 9.04 to 9.10 yesterday morning, and it finished and rebooted yesterday evening. Busybox timed out trying to finish booting the PC. It had "lost" the root harddrive. I rebooted to a Fedora 12 Live CD I had made just last week, and did some investigation on potential Grub problems after upgrading. First, I was still using Grub 1 rather than Grub 2, probably because one only gets Grub 2 installed if coming from a fresh installation. This is OK with me, I've also decided to stick with using ext3 file systems since test reports show significant performance hits with ext4. I ended up having to modify the root= parameter in grub's menu.lst file. This got the machine booting.

There were a couple other problems I ended up having to de-fang to get things running. First off, Networkmanager sure doesn't like static IP configrations (or it didn't allow me to edit the settings) so I removed it. Second, bind doesn't seem to by running as a caching name server so I had to put a nameserver line into resolv.conf. Third, lm_sensors was buggered up and I could not get the iy87 module to load. This was fixed by adding aan additional boot parameter acpi_enforce_resources=lax to the menu.lst file, and then running grub-update. I'm still ironing out bugs and moving things around, but it's running good now, better than 9.04 did (pulseaudio seems to run better). I'll report more progress later on.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Haiti Needs Our Help, Should We Send Our Military?

We have a rather stark choice here, one which we can make with humanity, grace, and wisdom, or with the casual banality of evil ignorance.

Haiti was a poor, impoverished state, barely hanging on before the earthquake. Now, it is on the knife edge of becoming a "failed state". "Failed state", that should ring some alarm bells. Afghanistan, that's a "failed state". Do we want an Afghanistan just south of our borders?

Haiti is our neighbor, one which needs our help. One which is our friend, an ally. How can we, this professed nation of "God fearing Christians", not extend a generous helping hand? Is it not best to defend our own freedom by offering the hand of friendship to those in need? Cannot our military, those who are our so often called to defend our nation, be our ambassadors of friendship, good will, and aid?

The other option is dark - ignore this natural disaster and let a country teetering on the edge, fall off, into chaos.

America did not become a world leader by throwing our military around like a great club. We did not have large standing armies for WWI or WWII. We, instead, were pulled unwillingly into defending free nations fighting evil and darkness. Let's reaffirm that tradition by sending our military to fight the evil of disaster, hurt, and hunger, and in so doing, provide aid for those in need, and prevent the spread of chaos and darkness.

Is this so hard to see?

So often our military gets to deal with the shit in this world. Send them in - let them be the heros we know they are.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Fair winds and following seas

It was with shock that I learned a good friend, Dave Lewis, had passed away from cancer on December 12th. I hadn't spoken with him in a while since our work schedules and locations had changed. I should know better than to take our presence here for granted at my age, and had sent that email or picked up the phone to say hi.

Dave was good man with a big heart. He loved to sail, was a damn good racer, and we were lucky enough to go racing with him on our boat over the years.

We'll miss him.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Wow, Good Cans!

No, for all you pseudo pervs that jump to conclusions, this is not a post about female body parts!

I've been using Grado SR60i headphones for about two months now, and these things are freaking fantastic! Lots of deep bass, maybe even better than my stereo in the living room. They do look a bit dorky, and can be a bit uncomfortable, but a killer price and made in America.

Here's a link to their web page:

Life's too short and most earbuds hurt and sound like shit. Get your Grado's today.