Saturday, December 1, 2012

Wet, But Winter Awaits...

The weather here has been WET.  But that's fairly normal for this time of year on the PNW.  Bummer that it's cut into my bike commuting - I only got two days of riding in last week, yet I have not altered my caloric intake accordingly - I didn't stick to the salads, I'm gaining weight).

Hopefully, I'll get more skiing in this year with a pretty good season's pass deal for Steven's Pass.  Gotta burn the thighs, and the calories! And it's just one more chance to impress the twenty year old kids out there on the slopes with my retro (actually all original) eighties ski duds.

Hey, maybe I'll finally buy shape skis this year!  For those of you also planning on hitting the slopes, signing up for Larry's Powder Alert is a must:

Happy skiing!

And as a special treat - my lovely wife, kicking it old school:

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